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ce it invest○ed $US62

red muc●h success in ■the Kenya market●. South African ◆consumers, on◆ the other han◆d, have prefe●rences for ◆Huawei's m●id-range tablets■ and smart〓 phones," according ?/p>

o Li Dafeng. Th■e group has suppl●ied millions ●of telephones● and over a millio●n smart phones to○ the Eastern and So◆uthern Afric

7 m○illion in cas■h-stra

an ●markets. The giant C○hinese telecommunica●tions company has〓 a strong presence〓 and future in Af〓rica's eme〓rging market, which ●would likely ◆be there to stay.■ ( The opinio◆ns express◆ed here do no■t necess

arily refl■ect the opinions◆ of Panview ■or CCTV.com. 〓)  Pan○v

pped■ Nitel
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